Scorpion venom cures cancer?

blue-scorpion-300x199Once again, science has proven that the poison of an animal can not only harm a person, but in certain quantities to be good for health. Cancer, which until recently was considered incurable, can actually be defeated with scorpion venom.
Scientists have proved that the poison of Cuban blue scorpion destroys cancer cells by 97%. The success rate is probably the best achieved to date with a cure for cancer. Best results are seen especially on carcinoma of the brain, but there is evidence for success against lung cancer also.
An important requirement for the success rate of the poison, however, is that the patient must not have been subjected to chemotherapy or cancer operation never before. Otherwise the eventual success rate drops to 40%.
There?s a lot of literature on the internet about the blue scorpion venom and there are hundreds of cases with completely cured patients worldwide.
In Bulgaria we also have an example of the miracle of this poison. The top model Iva Mehandzhiyska managed to win the battle with the insidious disease precisely because of this remedy. Iva was suffering from ovarian cancer and even had surgery before the treatment with poison, says Svetlyo Kantardzhiev, who, teamed up with Bulgarian foundation “Neogenesis” helps in the fight against cancer. Despite the small chance that Mehandzhiyska had to fight the illness, today she is completely healed.

Scorpion venom cures cancer?
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  1. Sir George Okoye September 18, 2015 at 11:37 am

    I want to be a part of this huge success. Let me know the steps to take so I can belong to your organisation.

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